World Class Casting & Guiding Package


The Complete Fly Casting Learning Package

This is an educational experience for those select fly fishermen and fly fisherwomen who are motivated to improve their casting and fly fishing skills. This is about going far beyond just catching fish. The program is designed for insightful anglers who are motivated to make improvements and increase the joy of fly fishing.   

Beyond Catching is very special opportunity for fly anglers, at all skill levels, to actively participate in a comprehensive fishing experience that includes intensive world class casting instruction and two full days of guided fly fishing in the exotic Florida Everglades.

This unique fly casting instructional program and Everglades Fly Fishing Guide experience will provide you with the foundation necessary to improve your casting skills and increase your catch and release rate wherever you fish.

1.  An initial comprehensive and detailed assessment of your fly fishing and casting skills.


2. Development of your individual casting skills improvement plan that will provide you with     specific practice drills and information.


3.  Individual coaching and instruction tailored to improve your fly casting and fly fishing skills.


4. Detailed assessment of your salt water fly fishing equipment and provide improvement recommendations as required.


5.  Three month video/phone coaching and instruction follow up to ensure that you continue to make fly casting and overall fly fishing improvements.



The Beyond Catching Everglades Fly Fishing Guide & Educational Agenda

Phase I: Initial Introduction & Mutual Evaluation

       Is this Program Right for YOU?

     Your Goals & Objectives      

     Your Initial Casting Skill Assessment & Homework Practice Plan

Phase II: Casting Assessment & Instruction (Arrival Day)

       Video Analysis of Your Casting

     Basic Casting Stroke Drills & Skill Development

     Accuracy & Distance Skills

Phase III. Full Everglades Fly Fishing Guide Day (1st Full Day)

        Guided Everglades Fly Fishing Full Day

     Emphasis on Focused & Relaxed Fly Fishing

     Optimal Catch & Release

Phase IV: Casting Instruction (After 1st Full Guided Day-Late Afternoon)

        Day Debrief & Lessons Learned

     Identification of Specific Challenges

     Implement Casting Improvements

Phase V: Full Everglades Fly Fishing Guide Day (2nd Full Day)

        Guided Everglades Fly Fishing Full Day

     Emphasis on Focused & Relaxed Fly Fishing

     Optimal Catch & Release

Phase VI. Casting Instruction (After 2nd Full Guided Day-Late Afternoon)

        Overall Debrief & Lessons Learned

     Identification of Specific Challenges

     Implement Casting Improvements & Homework Practice Plan

Phase VII. Casting Instruction Follow Up (3 Months) 

        Implement Customized Practice Plan

     Monthly Email and Telephone Video Analysis & Coaching

     Skill Improvement Measurement


Ready for Casting Instruction








Total Cost:

$2,400. One Angler

$3,400. Two Anglers

Additional customized packages available upon request.




Mike Miller's Excellent Form Practice on the Pond




3 Days of Learning & Fun

Rods, Reels & Flies

Fly Casting Instruction

Fly Casting Video Analysis

Coaching & Development

Conservation Education

Catching Skill Development

Guided Everglades Fly Fishing



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