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  Our Everglades fly fishing is superb. Trophy Red Fish, Snook & Tarpon Await You.  

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All Everglades Fly Fishing Guided Days & Casting Instruction

  Are 100% Customized For You.


Beyond Catching is an Everglades Fly Fishing Guide Service and an educational program for those fly anglers who want to improve their fly casting and overall fly fishing skills. This remarkable and unique experience includes the thrill of fly fishing and going beyond just catching and releasing fish.


We offer the exciting opportunity of fly fishing for both catching and learning.


You will return home with more than just wonderful fish photos. You will take back home new fly fishing and fly casting skills.


Our instruction programs and services are designed for insightful and motivated anglers who are willing to invest their time and energy in developing new fly fishing skills, including fly selection, presenting the fly, equipment review, line management techniques, fly casting accuracy, fly casting loop control and fly casting distance improvements with the bonus of having a truly memorable experience fishing in the exotic Florida Everglades.


Our Everglades Fly Fishing Guide days and instructional programs are 100% optional.            


If you are an angler who wants to focus on specific fly fishing and fly casting improvements, we will customize an educational program for you.                        


If you would like to schedule a guided charter only-we will gladly organize a trip customized 100% for you. Fly Casting Lessons are not required.  


It is all about you and your fly fishing & casting goals and interests.  


Year around fly casting & light tackle fishing will have you catching and releasing world-class trophy fish.

Tarpon.. Snook.. Redfish.. Trout..

Everglades Fly Fishing Guide Everglades Forever
Everglades Magic
Everglades Wonder
Standing Watch

Everglades National Park Fly Fishing

Timeless Beauty

The Everglades National Park encompasses diverse habitats that make up an extraordinary and inspiring ecosystem. The park is a Biosphere Reserve, an Outstanding Florida Water, and a World Heritage Site that provides glimpses of endangered and threatened species, miles of shorelines, creeks, rivers, remarkable photography opportunities, and fly fishing for trophy snook, great redfish, and giant tarpon.

The Everglades National Park offers fly anglers one of the most awe-inspiring experiences one can have with or without a fly rod or spinning rod in hand!   

You will be fly fishing in one of the world's greatest wilderness areas.

Everglades Serenity Everglades Fly Fishing Guide

Beyond Catching Is About Improving Fly Fishing Skills & Enjoyment

Beyond Catching is a unique opportunity for fly anglers at all skill levels and ages to participate in a fun-filled learning experience.

You will have the opportunity to build upon your current casting and fly fishing strengths, identify areas for improvement, and begin incorporating new casting skills. Upon completing the Beyond Catching Total Package, you will be a better fly fisher and fly caster.

In brief, it is much more than a guided day of excellent fly fishing in the Everglades - it is about having a unique and inspiring experience every time.


You can also select a full day or more of being guided in the Everglades without a formal casting class. We are always focused on what will work best for you.


Nick & Everglades Tarpon
Buddy & Everglades Snook
Robert's Red Fish

World Class Caster & World Class Guide

Early breakfast at the Island Café in Everglades City before a fishing day.

On my right is Steve Rajeff with 50 years of World Class Casting Championships experience, and on my left is Captain Steve Huff with 50 years of World Class Guiding experience. Just amazing to hang out with these two outstanding fellows.
After breakfast, I had the privilege of guiding Steve and Ellyn Rajeff for a day of Everglades Fly fishing which resulted in an Everglades Grand Slam of tarpon, redfish, snook, and more!!!!!!

Rajeff-World Casting Champion, Me, Huff-World Class Fly Fishing Guide Steve Rajeff, Ed Tamson & Steve Huff: Everglades Experience!

World Class Fly Casting Instruction

For All Levels

Casting Targets
Casting Practice at the Park
Fly Casting Instruction Video

We go far beyond just catching fish. You will learn how to improve your fly casting and overall fly fishing skills. You decide what works best for your interests and budget:

1. Everglades Fly Fishing Guided Charters                      

2. Casting Instruction & Guide Packages  

3. Casting Instruction Only 

Please contact me to discuss all of the customized fly fishing and casting options available for your consideration.

Schedule Your Everglades Fly Fishing Guide Experience Today

Full Guided Day 

(1-2 Anglers @ 8 Hours): $800

3/4 Guided Day

(1-2 Anglers @ 6 Hours): $700


Cast & Guide Packages

Two Day Program

One Individual Angler: $1,600 

Two or More Anglers: $1,500 PP 

Three Day Program

One Individual Angler: $2,400

Two or More Anglers: $2,300 PP

Four Day Program

One Individual Angler: $3,200

Two or More Anglers: $2,900 PP


Casting Instruction

(1 or More Anglers @ 2 Hours): $200 PP

Casting Assessment 

(1 or More Anglers @ 6 Hours): $495 PP

Casting Games Events

(1 or More Anglers @ 4 Hours): $100 PP



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