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Beyond Catching offers a variety of fly fishing and related presentations and seminars.

All of our presentations and seminars are customized for your club or organization.

Contact me to discuss your presentation and seminar interests.


It is important to note that all my presentations and seminars are built upon a foundation that includes my background as a Fortune 1000 corporate consultant, Everglades Fly Fishing Guide, and Fly Casting Instructor. Consequently,  my seminars and presentations are learning experiences that are: entertaining, innovative, informative, insightful, practical, and most importantly, engaging to the audience. 


Here are just a few of my Presentations & Seminars:


  • Now or NeverGlades Water & Fish Conservation
  • The Spirit of Catch & Release
  • Life Quality on Land & Water
  • A Quest for Fly Fishing Friends
  • Fly Fishing & Active Seniors 
  • Guides & DIY
  • The Exotic Everglades Fly Fishing Guide Experience 
  • The Flats of South Padre Island
  • Bahamas Bone Fishing
  • Louisiana Fly Fishing
  • Fly Casting Tournaments
  • Fly Casting the Fundamentals Perfectly
  • Fly Casting Accuracy
  • Fly Casting Distance
  • Practice Makes Perfect


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